Runner Stories

I hated running, yet I spent the majority of my childhood and a good portion of adulthood running. I can hardly remember a time when running was not part of my life growing up in Beirut, Lebanon. Running to shelters.

Hi! I just want to say thank you all for letting me run with you fine folk! Next week [October 31, 2021] will be my first race back since being diagnosed with lymphoma (blood cancer) in June 2020 and officially in remission on January 2021.

All these crazy conversations, encouragement, and countless group runs with my fellow Cougars and Falcons friends, made me achieve my goals! I just ran my first Boston Marathon with this fun group, and it made me believe that even a couch potato can be a Boston marathoner! Thank you KARC!!!

I am happier and healthier, both physically and mentally, than I think I have ever been, and I have running and my Maverick friends with KARC to thank for that. I am hoping to line up at the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon alongside many of them and hope that they know how much I appreciate them and how they motivate me constantly.