Training Schedules

Whether it’s your first 5k or your 7th marathon, it’s always best to stick to a training schedule. KARC’s training schedules will help guide you and get you to the start line healthy and ready to have a successful race. We have training schedules for a variety of goals and abilities. If you are unsure of what training plan is right for you, contact for more information. Select the link below to find the training schedule for your race.

Training Groups

Since we are a large club of over 400 members we are organized into pace groups for logistics and additional communication. There are seven pace group coordinators and yes, you can belong to more than one group and or switch between groups as it fits your schedule and training needs. All pace group coordinators will communicate their group’s run distances and meeting times on the club Slack workspace. You should receive an invite to join Slack when you sign up as a member. Once¬† you join Slack, you can join any pace group or special interest channels you like to stay up to date on the club’s activities. If you are a paid member and have not received an invitation to the club Slack, please reach out to

Water Drop Locations 2024-25

Water is available at the following locations every Saturday morning until about 10 am during the training season (July to February)

Most Saturday long runs start from

Good Times Running Company (GTRC)

22764 Westheimer Pkwy #650, Katy, TX 77450

And are supported with water coolers, cups are not provided.

Bagel Run Standard Loop

Thursday mornings at 5AM KARC members usually join the “bagel run” hosted by Good Times Running Company (GTRC) 22764 Westheimer Pkwy #650, Katy, TX 77450 a 6 mile loop is as shown but there are several options.