KARC Training Plans

For 2021-22 training season, KARC is offering two plans for the marathon:

A 24-week plan running 4-5 days a week, peaking at 40 miles per week

A 24-week plan running 5-6 days a week, peaking at 50 miles per week

Both of these plans were adapted loosely from Pete Pfitzinger’s excellent “Advanced Marathoning” 18 week, 55 mile per week plans, with a 6 week base building phase added.

What makes these plans different than some that you’ll have seen before:

Strong emphasis on good consistent mileage over the schedule

No major emphasis on speed work until the last phase of the build

Incorporates a number of local races as tune-ups

The Half marathon plan is based on the same concepts with reduced miles.

Things to Consider

The number 1 most important thing to make sure you have a successful marathon is:


All of us are different. The great thing about running is it brings all of us together. However, that doesn’t mean that our bodies respond the same to training. Listen to your body. Don’t run through persistent pain, don’t push workouts when you know your body needs to heal, and don’t try to make up for lost mileage. It is far better to show up at the start line in January a little undertrained than injured. You should add stretching, core work, dynamic exercises, etc 2-3 times a week to suit your schedule.

The plans are designed to start slow and build slowly. We’re taking advantage of a 24-week build so that mileage doesn’t have to increase rapidly. The plans build in days when you should rest and recover.

Runs and Workouts


Easy Runs

The bulk of our mileage. Conversational pace. Easy means easy. Don’t push it because you feel good – save it for the workouts and for race day!


Recovery Runs

Easier than easy. It is nearly impossible to run these too slow. You should be able to breathe in through your nose here! You should feel refreshed afterwards. Challenge yourself to see how low you can keep your heart rate.


Long Runs

Long runs can be done at your easy pace. The effort to hold this pace will likely increase over the length of your run, especially once they get over 2 hours. For these longer efforts, make sure you are practicing your race day nutrition and hydration. While the end of a 20 miler can feel hard, you shouldn’t be totally destroyed. Save that for race day! ​

Below you will find training plans for the Chevron Full/Aramco Half Marathon. If you have any questions, please contact


Full Marathon Plan 4-40
Full Marathon Plan 5-50
Half Marathon Plan 4-35