James Ingram

James has been a member of KARC since its founding in 2016. He’s lived in Katy since 2009 and has been shuffling around the South Katy bayou trails since 2012 when he was forced to decide between eating less and getting more some exercise. Among his favorite things to do while running is complain about how hot the weather is (year-round), post too many sunrise pictures on his Strava feed, and draft off runners who are faster than him (also does this while cycling).  James decided to run for a board position after realizing many of his favorite people are runners and that he may not have met them without this amazing running community. He would like to help others find their new favorite people by giving back to the community in whatever way he can. James is an Operations Manager for an oilfield services company, so organizing projects and people is something he has a lot of experience with. He is hopeful those skills can be useful in helping KARC fulfill its mission of connecting runners. James and his wife Jen have 4 wonderful children and are excited for their oldest to be graduating from high school this year. As a family they enjoy long road trips, visiting national parks, and fulfilling their dream of trying every hamburger joint in the greater Houston area.