Dennis Shaw

Ever since I was a little boy, my dream in life has been to be a board member of a prestigious running club – and now you have the power to make my dream come true. I tell people that decades ago I began
as a fitness runner to keep the weight off, and that I just naturally progressed to marathoning. But no sane person would have run 25+ marathons and ultras, and untold shorter distances just due to the love of running. No, my plan all along has been to meet as many fellow runners as possible to try and secure a board seat. Over the decades, I’ve been a member of and helped manage several different running groups. But sadly, none of these other groups had a management structure that included a board; so, my quest has gone unfulfilled. If elected, I promise not to abuse the many perks that come with being a board member. I will endeavor to be of service to the club’s members, and work to help them attain their dreams – because sometimes, dreams do come true.