Nachiketa Anand

Nachiketa has been a director for the second half of 2021 and as an Officer, i.e., KARC’s Secretary since January 2022. She has been involved with KARC in some volunteer capacity since joining the group in 2018.

My running journey had a rough start. After my first , ~0.1 mile run down the block, I was out of breath and thoroughly baffled as to why I could work out in the gym for 2 hours but not run down the block! I started to run a little bit at a time and was proud of herself when I ran my first 2 miles. That was in 2008. After that, I would run few miles per month for the next 5 years until I took my first leap and registered for the Blue Bell Fun Run 10k, which I completed in 68 minutes. This brought on a dream that if I could run a 10k after having run my first 6 miles the week of the of the 10k then I could definitely do a marathon! . I knew that I needed discipline, structure and support to achieve my goal. My search led to KARC, which I joined in spring of 2018. Since then, I have completed 6 half and 2 full marathon and am looking forward to running many more. With KARC, not only have I found the discipline to train but also a wonderful group of friends. I am an avid supporter of fitness / active lifestyle and encourage my friends and anyone I meet to take up what they enjoy. In addition to running, I love hiking with friends and visiting new places.