Yvonne Prevallet

Yvonne has been president since mid year 2021 after serving as Treasurer and as a Director starting in 2019. Yvonne has enjoyed serving on the board and watching the club grow. She completed her first half marathon this year and learned the true meaning of “that was awful, let’s sign up again”. She loves the inclusiveness of the club that supports each other no matter your ability, age or goals. She brings 4 years of board experience, helping with the website, membership and the Back.2 school 5k as well as your weekly email and various other tasks. Yvonne is married to Craig and they have 2 wonderful sons who keep them in tune with the Millennial and Gen Z trends. Besides working on KARC stuff, and helping on the farm, she enjoys being retired after 30 years in upstream oil and gas where she held a multitude of roles in engineering and finance leadership.11