Carl Mountford

Carl has been a KARC director since 2021, a member since 2018 and a Katy resident since 2013. Despite confessing to hating running when he was at school growing up in England, Carl took up running in 2015 to help manage work stress. When working in drilling and completions for a major oil and gas company he’s been able to run on work trips in places as far apart as Alaska, Aberdeen and Azerbaijan and running has developed into his number one hobby. Now retired, most of his running is done in Katy and he’s found the friends he’s made in the local running community to be a new ‘family’. Carl has run 15 marathons and many more half marathons, 30k, 15k, 10k, 10 miler and 5k’s with the first full distance being San Antonio in 2016. His current goals are to run the 6 Marathon Majors (with London, Boston and Chicago already in the bag), complete a Half Ironman in 2023 and keep going with a run streak that is at 1051 days! Carl is married to Natalie – a Canadian – and has 2 girls – Olivia 15 and Lauren 13 – both born in Alaska. He is also a fanatical supporter of Liverpool FC and is always keen to make sure his girls – in Katy HS and WoodCreek JH – follow the path of being a Red! Carl brings the fortunate gift of time to be able to dedicate to KARC, his leadership experience, a focus on the happiness and wellbeing of the people who are around him and a twisted British sense of humor!