Brad Luo

Brad has been a director in 2021 and a member since 2019. During most of Brad’s adult life, running was something that he “ran” away from. When he turned 40, his teenage daughter outran him, by a large margin, in a casual “race you” challenge. That’s when he realized that life is really more than just work. For better health and balance, Brad picked up running and joined KARC at the season-opening social event on July 20, 2019. Brad is forever thankful for the benefits brought by KARC – discipline, accountability, friendship, and humility. After joining KARC, Brad has run three marathons and a 50K. Just as promised by the Falcons group lender, Brad qualified and ran the 125th Boston Marathon along with many KARC members. As a board member of KARC, Brad is delighted to give back to the Katy running community by editing the monthly club newsletter and contributing to making KARC a meaningful club to all its members. Brad, his wife, and two daughters (a Junior and a Freshman in college) live in Katy. When not running, Brad practices real estate law in the Galleria area.